Frequently Asked Questions & Help Desk

I already have a contact manager, why do I need PianoScheduler?

PianoScheduler was built from the ground up specifically for technicians who want to provide better service for their clients. It was developed as an online application so your data would be safe and easily accessible even if your home loses power or your computer crashes. It was also designed to automate a lot of the heavy lifting so you don't have come up with and manually track a system for following up with your clients and their entire relationship history.

Will my information be secure? Where is it hosted?

Access to PianoScheduler is protected via a username and password. Only once you successfully login to PianoScheduler via your unique PianoScheduler site address can you access your private data. Media Temple manages not only the hosting facility which is a purpose built, high availability hosting facilities hosting many other mission critical business applications, but also full 24x7 operational monitoring and systems administration services. Read our security policy and our privacy policy for more information.

Is there an offline version or one I can download?

PianoScheduler is proudly an online tool that you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. You can download your data at any time, but have to signup for the online version to use PianoScheduler.

Can I get my information out if I don't want to use PianoScheduler anymore?

Yes. You can easily download your client data to your computer in pipe-delimited format which can be easily opened in Microsoft Excel. You can use this ability just for your own personal backup purposes, or if you ever need to stop using PianoScheduler.

How do I unsubscribe from PianoScheduler?

If you no longer want to use PianoScheduler, just go into Settings at the top of your account screen, click on Payment Information, then "Cancel My Account". You will not be billed any more, and your account will be deleted at the end of your current billing month.